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1/ Maman’s inspiration, Simone de Beauvoir, was a feminist who believed people should make conscious decisions in their life – and take responsibility for their choices. Discuss how this plays out in the book.

2/ Nobel laureate Albert Camus expounded a philosophy of ‘revolt’ that suggests that humankind should defend the underdog and stand up and be counted when injustices are perpetrated. Discuss how this plays out in the book.

3/ South African writer Rian Malan described himself as a ‘traitor’ for abandoning South Africa to its fate, and chose instead to migrate to the United States. Similarly, Scatterling’s author joins the South Africa diaspora by escaping to another country. What would you have done in the author’s situation? Discuss.

4/ How would you describe Maman and Papa’s marriage? What do you most admire about it? And least?

5/ “You can love your parents, even if they are flawed.” Discuss this idea, and share with fellow book clubbers the good and bad about your parents.

6/ Life is an endless succession of sliding door decisions that impact on the rest of your life. Do you agree with this sentiment? Explain why you feel the way you do. Discuss the sliding door moments in YOUR life.

7/ Nature or nurture? What had the greatest impact on the author’s life choices? And was the ultimate outcome – living in Australia with a devoted Australian partner – entirely her doing?