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“This is the second book by this author that I have read. I love the honesty, openness and emotion within the writing as the author shares her life with us. A different world to the one I have grown up in, and a fascinating read. Highly recommend.”

David Burkett


“So much more than a coming of age read. This is a story of an intelligent and empathetic young woman confronting sexual abuse and the horrors of apartheid up close and personal. It is the story of a brave rejection of homeland and coming to terms with a very different Australian culture, as a journalist and young woman. Josephine Brouard’s capacity to call out bad behaviour and thrive provides valuable insight and inspiration in the ‘me too’ era.”

Jennifer McGregor


“For those of us who grew up in the era of apartheid, Scatterling is a reminder of the insanity that we accepted as “life in South Africa”. Journalists like Josephine Brouard were at the coalface of the political system and transformed by what they experienced. Interwoven into this political background is a remarkable life written about with honesty and integrity.”

Michael Podles


“I thought Scatterlings was a great read. It gave me great insight into someone with a different background to mine. I also grew up in South Africa in a different city and parents of different nationalities. I loved the writing and the honesty with which the book is written. I can thoroughly recommend it.”

Cyndi Freiman


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